This building was rotated 90 degrees

Did you know this building was rotated 90 degrees?

In 1929, Indiana Bell Telephone Company purchased the Central Union Telephone Company Building in Indianapolis USA. And they initially planned to demolish it and rebuild the bigger one.

Bell company hired Architect Kurt Vonnegut senior and he has another plan, which is to rotate the building. And Bell Company decided to go with this plan.

on October 14, 1930, rotating the building has been started and it took a month to complete. The building was 11,000 tons and moving it 15inch per hour. While a move is in progress, 600 employees are working in the building and no one felt the building move. And People can enter and leave the building anytime through the connected curved sidewalk and entryway which moves with the building.
And there was no interruption to the gas, heat, electricity, water, and telephone service they provide. They maintained it so well.
on the afternoon of November 12, 1930, the building rotation has been completed.

Well After 33 years. in 1963 the building was demolished.

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